Acknowledging its global standing, PepsiCo was one of the first companies to globally connect business benefits with the respect for sustainability (environmental, social, financial). This concept is reflected in our company vision of "Performance with Purpose", which governs all our activities and is a promise to our social partners.  Performance with Purpose is built on three pillars:

Performance Sustainability

At PepsiCo, we are committed to our shareholders for achieving the best results by making the greatest effort for superior and solid financial performance. A modern company should not aim at short-term profit, but focus on the bigger picture and long-term prospects.

Human Sustainability

Our success depends on the well-being of our consumers. This is why we are trying to help establish healthier lifestyle standards. We are developing products that meet consumer needs and the relevant expectations for health and well-being issues. Furthermore, we are producing safe products that meet the highest quality standards non-negotiably and practically.

Environmental Sustainability

We are driving innovation in our actions, systems and processes to limit our costs and the environmental impact (e.g., efficient use of energy, water and packaging materials, solid waste treatment, recycling etc.). At the same time, we are following a particularly strict code of self-commitment to the environment, which applies to both the company and its suppliers.

Talent Sustainability

We are creating a great place to work in so as to attract and retain the most talented people. At the same time, we are supporting local communities seeking wider benefits through diverse actions (e.g., production using local raw materials, sharing know-how, training etc.)

Diversity & Inclusion

The PepsiCo School is a new initiative that focuses on developing the talented and capable human resources of Greece – and especially the youth. It is a voluntary corporate responsibility action that emerged from an idea, the inspiration and the wish of PepsiCo employees.
In the increasingly complex and unpredictable environment we operate in, Inclusion is a vital capability and critical to enabling long-term sustainable growth.

It allows us to incorporate diverse perspectives and win in a challenging marketplace, while helping all our colleagues do their best, ensuring they use all their skills to tackle our challenges.

Following the launch of our new Operating Model in Europe, which combines Categories, Business Units and Functions, it’s clear that Inclusion is even more pivotal to our success.

Our new way of working requires all of us to adopt a more collaborative approach, with an even greater appreciation of the different cultures, backgrounds and people that make up our Sector.

Consequently, we have set out a new vision for Diversity & Inclusion in Europe:
To create an inclusive culture that enables us to unlock the full potential of a diverse talent mix to put smiles on the faces of consumers, customers, shareholders and employees.

To help achieve our vision, the business has identified three key areas of focus for D&I in Europe:
  • Continue to build a strong, diverse talent mix
  • Enable better work-life balance integration
  • Develop a more inclusive leadership approach.

The Inclusion Hub is intended to drive our new D&I agenda by highlighting the inclusive behaviors that are vital for our success.
With a range of practical resources and all the latest news, it’s the go-to site for being informed, educated, engaged and empowered about D&I in PepsiCo Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The strategy and actions of Corporate Responsibility are based on our "Performance with Purpose" company vision, which governs every part of our operations and is a promise towards our social partners. We acknowledge that being a responsible corporate citizen is an obligation to society, but also the right thing to do for our business.

Our key principle is to respect the societies in which we operate. At the same time, we encourage employees to contribute to local growth in many ways. Within that context, we are striving to meet the needs of society and our partners' expectations.

At the base of our "Performance with Purpose" vision, we are developing our corporate responsibility strategy around the key pillars of Human, Environmental and Talent Sustainability.
We are particularly proud that our corporate responsibility policies are recognized by independent third parties through awards that we have often received (e.g., Best Workplaces, Corporate Responsibility Index, HR Excellence Awards).

We are committed to continue realizing, with the same strength, empowered programs and corporate responsibility actions in order to create added value for our social partners. At the same time, we will always keep looking for the best possible solutions so as to achieve even better results.

Quality & Safety

Quality is our top operating principle and the primary value that we all serve. PepsiCo's code of self-commitment that is comprehensively applied in Greece underlines our great commitment. "PepsiCo is committed to produce, sell and distribute products that are safe and meet the highest Quality standards".

Our key principle is one: "The Quality of our Products is non-negotiable". This is why we take all the necessary actions to ensure this, throughout all the stages of our operation.

We believe in Quality, we serve Quality and this is why we keep a positive attitude towards every reliable body that wishes to verify that. At the same time, we conduct all the required checks ourselves to ensure that the highest quality and safety standards are met.

We apply the HACCP System for food safety, which is certified by ISO 22000:2004 and FSSC 22000:2010. The application of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) is verified through without-notice inspections by an independent body (AIB Intl) on an annual basis. All suppliers of raw materials are centrally monitored through the Vendor Assurance Program.  Stringent quality and safety inspections are made during the receipt of materials at our facility. Organoleptic inspections (Quality Wall Meetings) and quality controls are carried out on a regular basis by suitably trained personnel of our company to ensure that we produce exceptional product every time.

Environmental Policy

PepsiCo's environmental policy is in line with National Legislation and EU Directives, but also goes the extra mile by observing particularly strict specifications and regulations that self-commit the entire group globally.

At the same time, our people are constantly being trained, and are continuously following all new developments in environmental management issues and recycling programs. Our goal is to ensure optimum operation and to verify our respect to the environment.
We preserve environmental sustainability on every level of our supply chain. We use natural raw materials and make sure that all of our activities and those of our associates have the least possible environmental impact.

Within this framework, we are constantly investing in our facilities aiming at the best environmental performance (e.g., measures for reducing the use of water and energy resources, reducing waste, recycling etc.) On this basis, we are constantly being evaluated and we evaluate our associates based on specific key performance indicators (KPIs), and we are always setting goals for improvement.

Both in Greece and worldwide, PepsiCo consistently implements its environmental strategy in order to guarantee sustainability in its greater value chain.

Human Resources Policy

Our people are our strength! At PepsiCo we effect diverse actions and human resources programs, which are widely recognized by third parties and by our social partners.

Overall, our people policies are based on the human-centric value system of our company and its commitment to employee personal development, creativity, recognition and satisfaction. We focus on providing a work environment that is safe and respectful of every employee. In addition, by focusing on employee diversity, needs and skills we offer incentives, career development programs and international career opportunities.

Also, we place special emphasis on initiatives that foster an environment of rewards and recognition, where employees feel appreciated for their daily contribution and realize that the company respects their priorities and wishes. This is how we create a culture of mutual trust, innovation and productivity.

We are proud of our people! It is our firm commitment to maintain an ideal work environment, but to also develop even better practices for employees and the company in general.