The processing of the personal data of the users of this website is governed by the below terms and conditions, the relevant provisions of the applicable legislation with respect to the processing of personal data (L. 2472/1997on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data, as in force, L. 3471/2006 etc), as well as the relevant decisions, guidelines and regulatory acts of the Greek Data Protection Authority.

1.  Data Controller
The Data Controller of the personal data processed through this website is the société anonyme under the corporate name "TASTY FOODS SA", seated at the Municipality of Agios Stefanos, Attica (22nd km National Road Athinon – Lamias), telephone number: +30 2106298000, and the limited liability company under the corporate name "PEPSICO – IVI LTD", seated at the Municipality of Agios Stefanos, Attica (22nd km National Road Athinon – Lamias) with administrative offices at the Municipality of N. Erythrea, Attica (19th km National Road Athinon – Lamias), telephone number: +30 2106699000, (hereinafter jointly and severally referred to as the «Company»).
2.  General Terms for the Protection of Personal Data
The processing of your personal data is confidential and the Company takes all reasonable necessary technical or other measures in order to ensure the confidential nature of such processing. Only the following persons may have access to your personal data: (a) the Company’s authorized personnel, on a case by case basis and depending on the scope of processing; and/ or (b) the personnel of third parties, data processors, with whom the company has executed separate agreements, under which such third parties are authorized to process personal data on company’s behalf, provided that such third parties comply with the confidentiality provisions of the relevant agreements.

3.  Scope of Data Processing
The scope of processing of your personal data collected through this website is the following:
a. The control of compliance with the terms and conditions of this website;

b.  With respect to any personal data transferred to us, when uploading your CV and/or other personal data for job search or for the participation in training programs within the Company:
The minimum necessary processing of these personal data for the evaluation of your CV and whether the content of your CV corresponds to Company’s needs with respect to a specific job in the Company, as well as for the protection of Company’s interests.
In case we receive your explicit consent, any personal data included in your CV shall be stored by the Company for the purpose of their re-evaluation/ use in the future, for any new job positions in the Company. In case you have not provided us with such consent, any personal data included in your CV shall be destroyed, upon fulfillment of the relevant job position for which you have sent your CV, unless the Company has the right or the obligation to retain such data.
Any other personal data shall be deleted after the end of the training programs.
c.  With respect to any personal data that you transfer to the Company in order to receive from the Company informational messages with respect to Company’s products, initiatives, contests, events etc, the scope of such processing is the dispatch of such messages to you, provided that the Company has received your prior consent.

d.  With respect to any personal data which are transferred by you to the Company in your capacity as journalists:
The minimum necessary processing of such personal data in order for the Company to communicate with you regarding any issues that relate to your capacity as journalists.

4.  Data Recipients
Data Recipients: (a) With respect to any data that the Company has the right or the obligation to release, on the basis of a contract, a law, a court or regulatory decision: any public or independent administrative authorities, any judicial authorities as well as any public servants; and (b) With respect to all necessary data for the achievement of a specific goal: the Management as well as the relevant departments of the Company, on a case by case basis.
Subject to any exceptions explicitly provided herein, the Company shall not disclose, sell, exchange, grant any license for their use or otherwise dispose to any third parties (individuals or legal entities) your personal data.

5.  Right to Access – Right to Object
In your capacity as data subjects, you have the right: a) to know whether your personal data are processed or have been processed by the Company (right to access, article 12 L. 2472/1997, as in force); and (b) to object regarding the processing of your personal data, including the right to request deletion of your personal data (right to object, article 13 L. 2472/1997, as in force).
In case you want to exercise your rights to access or to object with respect to the processing of your personal data by the Company, you may contact Ms. Bourodemou Melissa (Address: 22nd km National Road Athinon – Lamias, 145 65, Agios Stefanos. Telephone Number: +30 210 6298000).

6.  Cookies
The Company may use cookies, for the purpose of effecting or supporting the facilitation of the communication between you and the Company, through the electronic communications network. These are cookies for which your prior consent is not required according to the applicable legislation. The above mentioned cookies are small files which if you have accepted to receive, in accordance with the parameterizations of your PC, are saved on the hard disk of your PC for the above mentioned purposes, without having access to any document or any other file of your PC.
You may adjust the browser of your PC, in order either to alert you for the use of cookies in certain fields of this website or to prohibit the acceptance of use of these cookies in all cases.

7.  Hyperlinks
In case of any linkage of this website, through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners), with any other websites, the Company does not undertake any liability with respect to the data protection policy applicable to this website. 

8.  Minors
The use of this website is only permitted to adults. Moreover, it is the intention of the Company not to collect any personal data of minors that might have access to this website. However, taking into consideration that it is not possible for the Company to ensure/confirm that only adults have access to this website, any minors who are users of this website that transfer, through this website, their personal data to the Company, are obliged and expected to receive the consent of those who are responsible for their parental care or their guardian.

9.  Amendment of these terms
The Company has the right to amend this Data Protection Policy, within the framework of the legislation which is applicable from time to time; any such amendments shall apply from the date of their uploading to this website.